Data Center Network

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Our network currently takes advantage of high speed gigabit connections at 80 gigabits per second with Above.Net, Cogent, XO, Inteliquent (formerly TINet), as well as peering with dozens of networks.


In any mission critical application, redundancy is the key to reliability and security. We accomplish this difficult feat by developing software for automated system recovery and replacement in case of system failure. All our networking equipment takes advantage of such techniques in order to produce seamless transitions between networking equipment in case of failure, thus delivering service you can count on for your mission critical demands.

Power Backup

Our data center is fully equipped with redundant power supply provided by high end uniterrupted power supplies designed for use in high load network operation centers, as well as redundant generator services.

Temperature Controlled

Due to the massive heat dissipation of servers, our data center is equipped with large air conditioning units operated around the clock to maintain an efficient data center temperature. This insures that networking and customer equippment can operate flawlessly.

Network Topology

Here you can see a detailed description of the lines that carry our traffic. The various lines on the graph designate different sized circuits.